Designed to provide funding to those with a spinal cord injury in need of equipment or services to support their passion for a healthy, active and independent lifestyle.

Program Overview

Individuals with spinal cord injuries may submit a scholarship application to cover part or all of the cost for items and services such as fitness memberships, team dues, everyday living supplies, work related equipment, educational expenses or participation in a special event related to spinal cord injuries.

  • Scholarships are available for up to $5,000 per applicant.
  • Individuals are eligible to receive one (1) Scholarship per calendar year.
  • A total of $15,000 is awarded per selection cycle.
  • There are two selection cycles every year – mid-year in May and year-end in October.
Application Process

To apply for a Will2Walk Scholarship, please fill out the Application in its entirety and submit with any supporting documentation.

  • Once your application is received, it will be reviewed and scored by the Will2Walk Scholarship Committee.
  • The Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • You will be contacted directly if additional information is needed or if there are any questions regarding your application.
  • You will be notified within 30 days of the application deadline if your request for funding has been approved or denied.

Questions can be directed to

Apply Online

Apply for a scholarship using our online form.

Program Dates

Mid-Year Cycle

Application Deadline: May 1
Decision By:  May 31

Year-end Cycle

Application Deadline: Oct 1
Decision By: Oct 31

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Amanda Perla

Amanda Perla

AWARDED $2,200

Amanda was awarded a scholarship for a new ActiveAid Evolution Series Rehab Shower Chair. Her severe spasms made it a necessity to have a safe chair to bathe.  During her senior year in High School, Amanda was injured in a car accident.

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Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

AWARDED $3,500

Joseph Jackson of Phoenix, Arizona was awarded a scholarship for a new, competitive rugby chair. Joseph plays rugby with the Phoenix Heat. At age 16, Joseph suffered a football injury that left him an incomplete c6 quadriplegic.

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Erick Henderson

Erick Hernandez

Awarded $5,000

Erick was awarded a scholarship to complete a month-long, intense rehabilitation exercise program at SCI-FIT (SCI Functional Integrated Therapy). Erick was injured in a diving accident in 2010 that resulted in C4-C5 incomplete fracture and paralysis.

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A Message to the Recently Injured

From Founder, Rich Hamill

If you are reading this, you or someone you love has recently sustained a spinal cord injury. Since I have experienced your pain first hand, I can assure you that there are only two options for people with spinal cord injuries: quit or fight.

After surviving a major trauma like a spinal cord injury, you will be barraged with a host of daunting issues and events. Without the proper mindset, the feeling of defeat can overwhelm you.

If you don’t feel like fighting yet, don’t become disheartened. You can learn this mindset over time. Obviously the level of injury does make a difference when it comes to how much you can regain. This is why you have to fight the individual battle for your own success …

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“There will be many times throughout physical therapy that you fail to accomplish your goal or feel defeated and want to quit, but that’s what tomorrow is for: to get up and fight again.

~Rich Hamill


Program Terms and Conditions

Scholarship funds will be disbursed to a third-party vendor responsible for providing the product or service. If a scholarship recipient is requesting reimbursement for a prior expense, documentation is required showing payment by that recipient before funds will be disbursed. Will2Walk reserves the right to rescind the scholarship or sponsorship if these terms and conditions are not met.

If selected to receive a Will2Walk Scholarship, you agree to share your story to for the purposes of Will2Walk communications and to positively impact the lives of others with spinal cord injuries.