Tina Fisk

bradley maclean

“I am excited to join the Will2Walk team. As a passionate disability advocate, I am dedicated to empowering those living with a spinal cord injury to pursue their happiest, healthiest and most fulfilling life! – Tina

Tina Fisk has spent her career specializing in the areas of spinal cord injuries and brain injury survivors, with work experience in multiple settings including acute care, clinic and hospital-based rehab, outpatient and home and community environments with facilities throughout the United States. She has been providing therapy in the home and community for Rehab Without Walls, Vocational Rehab, and Independent Living Rehab Services since 2003.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Occupational Therapy, Tina is also an adjunct professor at a local college. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association, assisted with the development of the first Spinal Cord Injury Wellness Clinic in Arizona, and is chairperson and co-founder of Camp With a Ramp. In addition to educating others on SCI at conferences and local rehab facilities, Tina volunteers with adaptive sports programs such as snow skiing, water skiing, quad rugby, over the line softball, fishing, golf, scuba diving and basketball. She is a prior team player on the Phoenix Mercury wheelchair basketball team.