Request Founder Rich Hamill to speak at your next event. Trained under Dennis Deaton of Quma Learning, Rich specializes in giving speeches rooted in the Ownership Spirit methods.

Trained under Dennis Deaton of Quma Learning, Rich specializes in giving speeches rooted in the Ownership Spirit methods. Rich’s personal experience, in which he suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury at a young age, combined with Quma’s training makes him uniquely qualified to give motivational speeches to large and small audiences across all types of organizations and events. Rich is able to draw from both these sources in a genuine, authentic way to give passionate and practical advice to help anyone build skills in tough-minded personal responsibility and accountability.

Rich focuses on confronting adversity, positive thinking, taking ownership of your life, accepting change, building awareness and productive living. Rich has been described as “inspiring, motivating, and speaking from the heart.”

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Growing up in a small town in rural Michigan, my childhood was full of activity. I showed horses, rode motorcycles, and played sports. Like
most teenagers, I thought I was invincible. Until February 17, 1992—the day I went on a skiing trip with friends, hit a patch of black ice on the road, and was ejected from the vehicle. When I regained consciousness, I was told I had a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors told me that with hard work, I may regain some function, but it would be limited at best. I refused to accept this diagnosis. During physical therapy, I continually pushed myself and was able to regain strength in my upper body and some use of my hands.

In the twenty years since my accident, I have graduated from college, gotten married, added twin girls to the family and established a successful career. But I’ve always felt something was missing. Something bigger than myself. Something that made all of the struggle and hard work worth it. And from this, the Will2Walk Foundation was born.

My passion and belief

I seek a cure for spinal cord injury now. The need to help the 1.3 million Americans with spinal cord injuries is evident both in terms of the
devastating effects on individual families and the billions of dollars in lost American productivity annually. I believe we’ve never been closer to achieving a cure than right now.

I know that we can empower those with SCIs to regain control of their lives and pursue their interests through education and perseverance.

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