W2W announces 2020 grant partners

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In September 2018, Will2Walk brought on part-time Executive Director Mary Vandenberg to assist with furthering the Will2Walk mission of keeping those with spinal cord injuries active, fit and independent. Since then, Mary has been hard at work securing grants to ensure funding for programs.

“As a grassroots organization, we have not had the resources to fully commit to grant writing,” notes President Rich Hamill. “This is a skillset that we were fortunate to find in Mary when she came on as Executive Director, and we are ecstatic at the results.”

In 2019, Will2Walk was awarded $12,000 in grants from seven grant partners. So far in 2020, we’ve already received $13,900 from nine grant partners.

“It is through the generous funding from our partners that Will2Walk is able to fuel our mission and effect positive change in the spinal cord injury community,” reflects Mary. “For this, I am most grateful.”

Check out all of our wonderful grant partners here on our website or via Facebook #w2wgrant.

Have a background in grant writing and want to volunteer with Will2Walk? Contact Mary today!

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