W2W launches new Emergency Fund program

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The Will2Walk Board of Directors is excited to announce a new program offering: the Will2Walk Emergency Fund. It is designed to provide emergency funding to those with traumatic spinal cord injuries who have an immediate medical or life necessity along with financial need. 

“We are proud to bring this new offering to the SCI community, and believe we are filling a vital gap in the financial assistance options available today,” noted President Rich Hamill. “From newly injured individuals unable to move to rehab due to insurance denial to those without accessible transportation or homes to those whose injury has caused further medical problems requiring new equipmentwe are here to help.”

The Will2Walk Scholarship Program will remain in place for those with non-emergency needs.

“Since inception, our Scholarship Program has provided more than $200K in funding, which is phenomenal. However, not everyone needing assistance can wait six months to have their application approved and funds released,” added Jen Chaillie, Vice President and Scholarship Committee Chair. “This new program enables us to quickly assess each applicant’s situation and provide funding within a few days.”

Emergency Fund Overview
Eligible categories include home modifications; inpatient/outpatient rehab; lodging/travel for individual/family; medical equipment/supplies and transportation.

Maximum award: $5,000 (recipients are eligible to receive Emergency Funding once per calendar year)

Applications, which require financial documentation, are reviewed within three business days. A decision will be communicated within five business days and, if approved, the funds will be available immediately via check.

To submit an Emergency Fund application, click here. Support this new program by donating today to help us fulfill those crucial, immediate needs!

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