Scholarship Story: Paul Crane of Scottsdale, AZ

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In 1992, Paul Crane was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him with a T5 spinal cord injury.  An avid basketball player and downhill skier prior to his injury, Paul is now a role model for adults and youth with disability.  He volunteers as the Coach of the Coyotes sled hockey team and plays on the Suns basketball and lacrosse teams.  Through a friend at lacrosse, Paul learned of the Will2Walk Scholarship Program and applied for help in purchasing a sports wheelchair.    Will2Walk approved a $2500 scholarship for Paul to help in his athletic pursuits.

How did you use the Will2Walk scholarship funds? I was able to receive a new basketball chair which I use regularly.

How has the Will2Walk scholarship enhanced your life? I am now able to play sports at a higher level because I have equipment that fits and is adjusted to fit my needs.

Do you have any words of advice for those living with injuries?
YES! Don’t sit around get out try everything until you find something or THINGS you like or love to do and pursue them it’s an important part of life.

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