Scholarship Story: Joe Jackson of Chandler, AZ

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Joe Jackson broke his C6 vertabrae while playing varsity football in 2005.  He was 16 years old.  Joe now attends Arizona State University full time and plays rugby for the Ability360 Phoenix Heat.  He trains and lifts weights five days a week.  When he’s not training, he gives back to the community through his own foundation, The Joe Jackson Foundation, which provides adaptive equipment for young adults and children with spinal cord injuries.  He is also a peer mentor at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

How did you hear of the Will2Walk Foundation?
I heard about Will2Walk foundation from Jason Graber, another Will2Walk scholarship recipient. 

How did you use the Will2Walk scholarship funds?
I purchased a new wheel, pushrims, and a wheelbag. 

How has the Will2Walk scholarship enhanced your life?
The Will2Walk scholarship has helped me stay fit and in shape with this equipment. It’s allowing me to continue to improve in my sport with a new style of push rims that is up to date with this evolving sport. Also, with a new wheel bag, traveling with all the equipment is much easier. 

Do you have any words of advice for those living with injuries?
My advice to people living with SCI is to find an outlet for recreation and continue to live an active lifestyle. If you were an athlete before, don’t stop just because you have an SCI. Continue to adapt because life’s not over, it’s just beginning. 


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