Scholarship Story: Susan Crim of Davisburg, MI

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When Susan Crim was just 17 years old, she was shot in the neck when she tried to end a relationship with a guy she’d been dating.  The bullet severed her spinal cord between the C6 and C7 vertabra.  The shooting took place in her hometown of Payson, Arizona.  After a month in intensive care at Scottsdale Osborn Hospital and an additional four months at Craig Hospital in Denver, CO, she and her family relocated to Michigan.  Susan is now a mother to an active toddler and is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with an interest in victim advocacy.  She has not driven since her accident 10 years ago and looks forward to the freedom and convenience it will offer her.  Will2Walk granted Susan $2,595 for vehicle adaptation and eight hours of driving classes.

How has the Will2Walk scholarship enhanced your life?

This scholarship helped me be able to complete my goal of learning to drive again and took away the financial burden associated with getting this part of my independence back. I have completed the required driver’s training program and am in the process of getting my van modified so I can take the test to get my license.  Being able to drive again is going to give me back so much independence and freedom. It will allow me to be able to do so much on my own and open up many opportunities for my future. It will help me to be able to finish college and complete the required internship. 

Do you have any words of advice for those living with injuries?

My advice to newly injured people would be to find a support group. Look for a group of people to connect with, learn from and share your struggles and successes with. Whether it’s an actual support group or a wheelchair sports team it’s really important to interact with those facing similar challenges. When you see people who have managed to overcome the many obstacles associated with paralysis it can have a hugely positive impact on your attitude towards the future. For those who have been injured for years, I would say to just keep striving to make your life the most fulfilled it can be. Don’t give up on the goals and aspirations you had before your injury occurred and as tough as it can be at times, try to stay positive and see all the good things life still has to offer. 

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