$21,000 awarded in 2015 to keep people with spinal cord injuries active, fit and independent

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Arizona-based Will2Walk Foundation delivers scholarships to support quality of life initiatives for those with spinal cord injuries across the nation

Phoenix, AZ – (January 7, 2015) Will2Walk, an Arizona-based nonprofit dedicated to improving quality of life for people facing life with paralysis, announced it has awarded $21,000 in scholarships to four individuals in Arizona, plus six individuals in seven other states across the nation. The Will2Walk Scholarship Program is designed to provide funding to individuals and qualified organizations that exemplify how those with spinal cord injuries can live a healthy, active and independent lifestyle.

Applications are evaluated by the Will2Walk Board of Directors to determine funding for requests that improve daily life for those living with spinal cord injury. 2015 awards were delivered to individuals in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Oregon and Pennsylvania for every-day and recreational equipment, as well as education pursuits.

“The Will2Walk Scholarship and Sponsorship program allows us to extend support to individuals and organizations that share our mission,” Rich Hamill, President. “We invite individuals with spinal cord injuries to apply to cover part or all of the cost for items and services such as fitness memberships, team dues, everyday living supplies, education or participation in a special event related to spinal cord injuries.”

Will2Walk Foundation invites you to learn more about each worthy 2015 scholarship recipient through their stories at Will2Walk.org.

  • Brenna Bean of Arizona was granted $3,255 toward an offroad handcycle.
  • Mary Pruter of Oregon received $995 for a Paraladder that will allow her more independence in her own home.
  • Jeremy Stadler of Pennsylvania received $2, 499 for a handcycle.
  • William Watons of Maryland was granted $350 for annual gym fees.
  • Amanda Perla of Florida received $2,199 for a much needed new shower chair.
  • Michael LaRose of New York received $2,499 for a handcycle.
  • Dawn Setzer of North Carolina received $2,499 for a handcycle.
  • Tim Surry of Arizona was granted $1,000 toward a Rugby Wheelchair.
  • Shaun Staunton of Illinois was granted $1,300 for tuition assistance.
  • Mary Belvin of Arizona received $4,700 for a Speedy Lift and installation, allowing she and her family to have greater mobility.

Contact:  amy.munoz@will2walk.org

About Will2Walk Foundation

Founded in 2008, the Will2Walk Foundation was the vision of President Rich Hamill, who sustained a spinal cord injury in an auto accident in 1992. Will2Walk is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is led by a volunteer Board of Directors and funded 100% from personal donations and event proceeds.

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