Bodybuilder Jeremy Stadler of Levittown, PA Awarded $2,500 Will2Walk Foundation Scholarship for Invacore Handcycle

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Jeremy Stadler was recently awarded a $2,500 scholarship for a new Invacore Top End Force 3 Handcycle, which he uses as his main form of cardiovascular exercise.

Jeremy tries out his new handcycle.

Jeremy tries out his new handcycle.

In 2012, Jeremy, then 21, was involved in a hit-and-run auto accident while on his motorcycle. He broke his neck at the C6-7 vertebrae, suffered a pinched nerve in one elbow and ended up with eleven total broken bones. He found himself paralyzed from the chest down with little to no use of his left hand.

“Before I received my handcycle, I was doing sprints in my wheelchair through my neighborhood,” notes Stadler. “That never ended well, as once I gained speed, the front casters would wobble and I couldn’t get any real distance.”

Prior to his accident, Jeremy was working toward becoming a physique model, working out at the gym six days a week, boxing, jogging and road biking. He has not given up on that dream, and plans to pursue wheelchair bodybuilding.  “You can complain about what you don’t have, or wake up and work with what you do,” emphasizes Stadler.

While at the gym, Jeremy documents his progress on Instagram (@JeremyStadler019)

While at the gym, Jeremy documents his progress on Instagram (@JeremyStadler019)

“My group of friends are very active, and I wasn’t able to join them for a jog or bike ride,” remarks Stadler. “Now I don’t have to be stuck on the sidelines.”

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The Will2Walk Scholarship & Sponsorship Program is designed to provide funding to individuals and qualified organizations that exemplify how those with spinal cord injuries can live a healthy, active and independent lifestyle.  If you or someone you know could benefit from the Will2Walk Scholarship & Sponsorship Program, details can be found at

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