W2W grantee gains strength from cycling

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Jody selfie

Jody takes a selfie while cycling.

A year ago, Will2Walk grantee Jody Robertson did not have a lot of the physical strength necessary to transfer herself to and from her wheelchair. After receiving a handcycle from Will2Walk in February 2013, Jody has taken advantage of the beautiful Arizona weather by cycling 2-3 times per week.
“I’ve really built up my strength, and now I am able to transfer myself better in my daily routine,” notes Jody. “I enjoy staying in shape and being able to stretch out my legs by getting them out of the sitting position.”

Jody credits her cycling with a positive impact on her mental state, as well.

“I am getting up there in age so I don’t compete in any races,” jokes Jody. “But I feel alive again when I am out in the community riding and seeing people.”

Jody cycles approximately 10-15 miles on average, and enjoys being able to take her dog, Sydney, with her on rides.
“Having this handcycle has been a great experience, and I’m very grateful I was given the opportunity to receive such a gift,” concludes Jody. “In a sense, it gives me legs again!”

jody dog photo

Sydney gets ready for a ride.

To learn more about Jody and her injury, click here.

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