W2W sponsors Barrow’s Day on the Lake

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For those with physical and neurological disabilities, the thought of being able to waterski or kayak may seem impossible. Thanks to the Barrow Neurological Institute’s Day on the Lake program (May 9-11), participants of all ages will be able to enjoy adapted watersports at one of the most accessible waterside facilities in Arizona—Bartlett Lake Marina.

Will2Walk is a proud sponsor of Day on the Lake, which provides instruction and participation in the following activities:

  • waterskiing
  • jet ski rides
  • fishing
  • kayaking
  • boat rides

The Day on the Lake program is offered to:

  • children ages 3-8 (fishing and boat ride only)
  • children and adults 8 years and older (all activities)
  • those with physical and/or neurological challenges who are at least 1 year post injury

The public is invited to come out and watch the day’s events and activities—we hope to see you there!


To register for Day on the Lake or to sponsor a participant, please call the Resource Link at 877-602-4111. Contact the Barrow Connection at 602-406-6280 with any questions. For more information, click here.

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